Pens Should Be Part of Your Advertising Mix

Research Proves... 
When you distribute 100 branded pens...

99% of recipients will use the pen.
92% remember the pen's brand and/or message.

87% like the pen and prefer it over other promotional items.

At Senator, we understand the importance of your brand integrity and the trust you place in our hands every day. Our commitment to excellence has made Senator one of the largest providers of custom writing instruments in the world, with sales in over 100 countries. We appreciate your business and look forward to being your partner.


98% of recipients of a promotional pen will use it several times per week.
83% of promotional pen recipients will use it daily.
With 68% of recipients, at least 5 other people come into contact with each pen.
80% of promotional pen recipients feel a logoed pen enhances the brand of the company.

When using cheap writing pens, the refill contains less ink therefore the writing length is shorter, and also the barrel's imprint wears off. This means the pen is used for a shorter period of time, resulting in a negative perception of the brand on the pen and less exposure of it's message.

Promotional Pens Increase Your Message's Effectiveness at a Low Cost.
  • Greatest Message Awareness
  • Daily Reminder
  • Most Frequent Use
  • Best Representation of Companies, Products, and/or Campaigns
Usage Ideas
  • Promoting Your Brand
  • Launching a New Product
  • Advertising a New Idea
  • Finding New Customers
  • Motivating New Customers
  • Gift Giving
* Information obtained from Senator Pen

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