Check Washing Fraud Prevention Tips

There is a epidemic of "check washing" that has given rise to numerous law enforcement task forces created to address this single problem. Check washing is a process where checks are stolen and the ink is "erased" using common household products. The thieves rewrite the checks in the amount of their choosing or simply "make" the valid check amount and signature out to their name. According to the National Check Fraud Center, some $815 million is lost each year in the United States to this type of fraud. 

The Federal Trade Commission reported nearly 9-9 million Americans have been victims of identity theft, costing consumers $5 billion and banks and business $48 billion each year. 

The illegal use of prescription drugs is also reaching epidemic levels. It is estimated that fraud losses alone exceed $7 billion. Health insurers are only beginning to realize their indirect losses associated with this, according to a recent report by the Washington-based Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

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